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c a l l i g r a p h y    a d d r e s s i n g

Surprise your guests from the first moments!

We o er a large range of calligraphy styles and ink colour to match with your event theme. Calligraphy could be written by pen (monoline) or dip-pen (thick-thin letter strokes). Clients could decide which one to choose from base on their desired style, allowed time for the project, budget.

Dip-pen calligraphy normally applied for intimate to medium-sized wedding or luxury event invitations /envelops. Monoline calligraphy is normally written for big events which require large quantities like Fashion week invitations. Rates are usually quoted by piece, an hourly rate could also be applied if it is required to be on-site.
Hourly rate - from 80€

Envelope addressing - from 2€/pcs
Invitation name / Menu - from 0,8€/letters, 1€ - 1,80€/ line

* Price varies by using pen or dip-pen, quantities, on-site locations, working hours, weekend or public holiday, etc. * Envelop is not included in the prices, we could also propose option include envelop

calligraphy styles written with dip-pen

calligraphy styles written with dip-pen

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