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live calligraphy. personalisation


Interactive on-site experiences create a connection between your brand /event and your audience, they are engaged when the experience brings a personal touch. Live calligraphy and portrait illustration o er them to bring home a custom art-piece for which will be a keepsake for them.

types of experience

1. Live Calligraphy ( Latino / Chinese )

2. Live Portrait illustration
3. Live Portrait Illustration & Calligraphy

4. Glass / Metal Engraving


• Product launch
• Shop Inauguration
• Press / PR / Influencer event
• Festive shop event (e.g. Mothers’ day, Christmas) • VIP / Employees events
• Wedding or private event


• Dip-pen • Brush pen • Markers

(Water-based / Water-proof) • Watercolour
• Acrylic

* Price varies by quantities, the complexity of the project, urgent orders, the requirement to be on-site, etc.

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