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i am ethy

Je suis Ethy, calligraphie et graphiste,  j'ai créé Letter Blooms, un atelier de calligraphie événementielle proposant des créations faites à la main et numérisées.    Maîtrisant plusieurs styles de calligraphie et d’illustration, mon plaisir est d’aider mes clients à immortaliser leurs moments les plus précieux grâce à cette expression artistique (invitation, enveloppe, menu, marque place, nom de table etc.)     Mon travail s’adresse aussi aux entreprises qui veulent quelque chose d'unique pour leur stratégie de marque et de communication (branding, logo, graphisme, illustration, atelier de calligraphie, animation de gravure, etc.)

calligrapher . graphist designer . marketing strategist

based in the Paris region

Born and raised in Hong Kong, my curious nature has brought me living in Australia, New Zealand, England and now based in France. Passionate in letters and illustrations since ever, with years of experiences in marketing and communication, I created Letter Blooms to devote my passion and profession to create unique experiences through calligraphy and design.

My pleasure is to help clients to keep their most precious moments through the beauty of calligraphy art (Invitation, place cards, envelope addressing, etc.).


My work is also aimed at companies who want something unique for their branding and communication strategies (Stationery, logo, on-site experience, etc.)

Having been living in many different countries, I speak English, French, Cantonese, and Mandarin. I love to share my multicultural perspective and I am always excited to work with clients from around the world on their projects.

Wishing to have something personalized with the beauty of calligraphy?


Feel free to contact me and I am more than happy to talk over this together.

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