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brand activation


on-site experience

Interactive on-site experiences create a connection between your brand /event and your audience, they are engaged when the experience brings a personal touch. Live calligraphy and portrait illustration o er them to bring home a custom art-piece for which will be a keepsake for them.

Custom items could attain customer satisfaction as they are tailored to meet their needs. Personalised calligraphy names, citations or simply a thank you note will connect your audience and leave them a long-lasting impression on your brand /event.

types of experience

1. Live Calligraphy ( Latino / Chinese )

2. Live Portrait illustration
3. Live Portrait Illustration & Calligraphy

4. Glass / Metal Engraving


• Product launch
• Shop Inauguration
• Press / PR / Influencer event
• Festive shop event (e.g. Mothers’ day, Christmas) • VIP / Employees events
• Wedding or private event

c a l l i g r a p h y    a d d r e s s i n g

We offer a large range of calligraphy styles and ink colour to match with your event theme. Calligraphy could be written by pen (monoline) or dip-pen (thick-thin letter strokes). Clients could decide which one to choose from base on their desired style, allowed time for the project, budget.

Dip-pen calligraphy normally applied for intimate to medium-sized wedding or luxury event invitations /envelops. Monoline calligraphy is normally written for big events which require large quantities like Fashion week invitations. Rates are usually quoted by piece, an hourly rate could also be applied if it is required to be on-site.
Hourly rate - from 80€

Envelope addressing - from 2€/pcs
Invitation name / Menu - from 0,8€/letters, 1€ - 1,80€/ line

* Price varies by using pen or dip-pen, quantities, on-site locations, working hours, weekend or public holiday, etc.

* Envelop is not included in the prices, we could also propose option include envelop

branding & logo


Typography is a very strong element for the creation of a logo to project the desired impression of a brand. Beside our iconic light and airy styled calligraphy, we also create different forms of lettering and illustration specially designed for each brand and client.

shop window

Shop window is the first impression of your shop to the public.

Catch the attention of your target audience with our hand-painted calligraphy and/or floral illustration on your shop window.

workshop event

Modern calligraphy is becoming more and more popular in the event field.

Our discovery calligraphy workshop would be a unique and interesting experience for your clients, VIPs, media, influencers or employees.

occasion idea
• Incentive employees
• Media event
• Influencer event
• Bridal shower

• A starter kit
Discovery of modern calligraphy in a group. Learn how to write lowercase and uppercase letters in different calligraphy styles with a dip pen to create your own calligraphy cards. 


French/ English/ Mandarin/ Cantonese

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